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About Me (she/her)

As an educator, coach, and entrepreneur, I aim to bridge the gap between what the school system fails to teach and the 21st-century skills needed to live a life with more passion and less burnout.

I help coaches start and grow their businesses, without the need for hustle and overwhelm. In a world where our school systems are designed to put people in neat little boxes, I believe entrepreneurship helps break these molds.

I'm a self-taught full-stack WordPress developer and spend my spare time focusing on personal development, and loving on my long-haired chihuahua, Loki-Juan Kenobi.

My Companies

The Best Life Coach Collective, LLC.

The Best Life Coach Collective helps life coaches in all niches grow their biz. We do this through these offerings:

(1) Providing coaches with advanced coaching insights through our BLCC Newsletter, Blog, Podcast, and Facebook community.

(2) Giving credibility to coaches with our Coach Directory for certified and vetted coaches.

(3) Our BLCC Coach Membership program, where we work directly with you to raise your profile and help you finally attract clients.

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I left teaching to become an entrepreneur after recognizing that our school systems are not built to help people create a life of freedom.

On the journey to fulfilling my biggest dreams, I started to feel worn down. I realized that when you look at productivity as just getting sh*t done as fast and efficiently as possible, you’re missing the bigger picture.

Fact is, you can’t enjoy the journey when your focus is on the hustle, and that is where “Mindful Productivity” comes in. This concept completely changed my life and how I do things.

Now I help busy entrepreneurs create more energy, time, and focus with mindful productivity, so you avoid the same “productivity trap” I fell into and finally have a life outside of entrepreneurship.

Because I believe you are the future, and the school system has failed you by not teaching these skills.

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